Japan’s earthquake early warning system is proudly made in Taiwan.

In light of The catastrophic Tainan Earthquake has caused hundred of deaths; Sanlien Technology have donated Early Earthquake Warning System to more than 20 schools in Tainan. As reported from other media source, Sanlien have developed the early earthquake warning system ten years ago but it was neglected in Taiwan; instead, Japan and New Zealand have adopted the system and praise the system.

Japan and New Zeland have adapted our earthquake sensor in the early stage while Taiwan neglected it.

Based on SET News, Sanlien Technology have finished developing Early Earthquake Warning System (EEWS) fifteen year ago by detected the P-wave in order to help people have adequate response time when earthquake occurs.

However, the system developed by Sanlien was never valued in Taiwan, instead, it was adopted by Japan in 2007 and in other countries such as Indonesia, Greece, and New Zeland.

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