OSMOS Group and Sanlien jointly acquired 100% of the shares of SIAP + Micros of Italy in 2018

Sanlien Technology Corp, and OSMOS,a subsidiary company of EREN Group have announced the joint acquisition of SIAP+MICROS S.r.l. is an Italian leading brand in weather, hydrology and environmental monitoring instruments.

The acquisition has been completed by SIAP+MICRO Holding S.r.l., an holding company that founded by Sanlien and OSMOS. In order to demonstrate complete confidence in SIAP+MICROS operating strategy and business continuity; Sanlien and OSMOS decided to maintain current organization and management team. Therefore, the current chairman M. Renato Maguolo and Chief Executive Officer M. Alex Stevanin will remain in their management position.

SIAP+MICROS S.r.l. was established in 2003 from the merge of SIAP Bologna (1925) and of Micros (1976), two leading companies in the environmental monitoring system’s market. SIAP+MICROS equipment have been installed worldwide, as result of well proven quality and reliability. SIAP+MICROS gather together the technology and know-how of both companies, and maintain complete “made in Italy” to ensure its highest quality.

Since 2003, the majority of SIAP+MICROS has been owned by late Mr. Piergiorgio Vigliani and his family including MM. Giovanni Garnero and Carolo Zumaglini. SIAP+MICRO is able to consolidates its expertise and accelerated its business development both locally an internationally under the leadership of MM. Maguolo and Alex Stevanin. SIAP+MICRO is able to provide innovative and compressive solutions to both local and international partners.

The partnership between SIAP+MICROS, OSMOS, and Sanlien Technology are able to provide an compressive monitoring solutions to our customers.

Climate changes and weather conditions affected not only our daily life but also economy and infrastructure. The aging infrastructure is extremely vulnerable due to extreme climates changes and weather. Therefore, high quality monitoring is essential for the infrastructure to ensure its long-term operation and safety.

Sanlien Technology and OSMOS have begun its quest to monitor various essential infrastructure around the world and have became a major player in providing integrating monitoring solutions. The acquisition of SIAP+MICRO is an important milestone because it will provide OSMOS and Sanlien with meteorological, hydrological, and environmental monitoring expertise.


OSMOS is a subsidiary of EREN Group, an expert in natural resource efficiency, was founded by Paris Mouratoglou and David Corchia in 2012. OSMOS was founded in 2006 and have made a name for itself as a major player on structural health monitoring (SHM) market. The innovative technology and expertise of Optical Strand enables continuous monitoring of structures and help managers to lay-out maintenance strategy to optimize investments. The integration of SAFEworks, SAFETraffic, and Optical Strand enables mangers, engineering the ability to consciously track the health of their structure in real time.

OSMOS structural health monitoring have been used in more than 20 countries including: France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, United States, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

About Sanlien

Since the establishment in 1967, Sanlien has transformed itself from the manufacture of switchboard and sales of instruments in the early stage to system integrator of industrial instruments in order to meet the rapid developments of international markets.

Sanlien offers solutions including Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS), sensors, industrial automation equipment, structural health monitoring, landslide monitoring, meteorological monitoring, and other high quality service. Sanlien also provides instruments and services other Asia countries such as Korea, Vietnam, India, and New Zealand.


Consultant:Avvalor Corporate Solutions(F. Ricci,N. Diers),Studio Commercialista Senior& Juniors(R. Lorenzon)
SIAP + Micros 的法律顧問:Magnocavallo e Associati(M. Bisceglia)和M. Ugo Palumbo
OSMOS 和SANLIEN(三聯科技) 的法律顧問:Ughi Nunziante(L. Bulan,A. Vanni,L. Gascone)
OSMOS 和SANLIEN(三聯科技) 的財務顧問:Albion(O. Etienne,M. Monacci)和Ginini(E. d’Angelo,G。Romano)

Media Contact
Italy: Giovanni Ceccarini, SIAP+Micros, + 39 347 3709928, g.ceccarini@siapmicros.com
France: Agnès Catineau, Brunswick Group, +33 (0)1 53 96 83 83, eren@brunswickgroup.com
Taiwan: Grace Chen, Sanlien Technology Corp. , + 88 622 708 1730, grace_chen@sanlien.com

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