Acceleration Transducers

Acceleration Transducers

  • KYOWA’s strain gage acceleration transducers convert the acceleration of running vehicle or the vibration of car body or machinery into minute voltage to enable accurate measurement of acceleration or vibration with various measuring instruments. Each model is compact and lightweight, and ensures superior static and dynamic characteristics. Various rated capacities cover a wide scope of applications. In addition, triaxial models are available for simultaneous detection of accelerations in three directions: X, Y and Z.
  • The acceleration sensor characterizes small size, durable, high sensitivity and wide band due to the piezoelectric ceramics. This sensor is widely used from low frequency vibration acceleration to high acceleration, such as collision.


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Using a strain gage as the sensing element, AS-GA and AS-GB series acceleration transducers are designed to measure small levels of acceleration. The compact & lightweight design makes them widely used for measurement of vibration in small structures or scale models as well as in the field of human engineering.

AS-GA series comes with hermetic terminal and

AS-GB series are integrated with cable.

    AS-B The compact and lightweight design barely disturbs the vibration mode of the object under measurement. Easy installation is ensured using CC-33A adhesive. ±98.07~±490.3
      AS-HB AS-HB series acceleration transducers provide twice wider frequency response range than AS-B series at maximum. Therefore, AS-HB series ensure more accurate acceleration measurements. It is easy to install AS-HB by using the adhesive CC-33A. ±98.07~±490.3
ASH-A Compact and lightweight design of ASH-A series acceleration transducers do not disturb vibration mode of objects by installing these transducers. In addition, it is easy to install ASH-A acceleration transducers by adhesives like CC-33A. ±98.07~±9807



AS-TG series acceleration transducers have 3 incorporated miniature acceleration transducers to measure simultaneously 3 axial accelerations (X, Y, and Z). Not only are interferences of AS-TG series among each axes little, but also AS-TG series withstand against 10 times larger overload than rated capacity.
AS-TB series because of little interference among each axes, these series acceleration transducers enable accurate measurement and be applied to acceleration analysis of complex vibration phenomena.


  ASHT-A The ASHT-A is an oil damping type triaxial acceleration transducer for accurate measurement possible due to little interference among axes. ±98.07~±9807
      ASW-A ASW -A series are waterproof acceleration transducers to withstand against water pressures up to 490 kPa. Even small-sized, these acceleration transducers ensure reliable measurements under harsh operating environments. In addition, corrosion-resistant version with stainless steel case is also available. ±9.807~±196.1
      ASQ-D Unlike conventional strain-gage acceleration transducers, the acceleration transducers have a servomechanism that ensures accurate, stable and reliable measurement of minute vibration with high sensitivity. A dedicated VAQ-700A signal conditioner is available as the mating instrument. ±9.807~±49.03
      AMAS-A Small & durable accelerometers and High frequency response ±980.7~±1961
AMA-A The AMA-A is a compact & lightweight accelerometer with large overloads resistant. ±19.61~±1961

Lightweight direction
Model AEC-0403 AEC-TX-6137 AEC-2009 AEC-CT-51 S04ZSG S2ZSCG
Features Super miniature light weight type Triaxial lightweight direction Super miniature light weight type Light weight high sensitivity Triaxial miniature Triaxial light weight direction
Structure share type share type share type bending type share type share type
Charge sensitivity[pC/m/s2] 0.035 0.061 0.17 1.84 0.04 0.16
Resonance frequency[kHz] 60 60 46 ±5 5 60 35
Operation frequency [kHz] 20 ±3dB 12 ±3dB 18 ±3dB 2 ±3dB 20 15
Electric capacitance[pF] 470 650 640 1800 250 700
Maximum acceleration[m/s2] 100000 5000 10000 5000 25000 10000
Insulation resistance[MΩ] 10000 20000 10000 10000 10000 10000
Operating temperature[°C] -50 to 160 -50 to 160 -50 to 160 -20 to 120 -50 to 60 -20 to 160
Weight[g] 0.2 3.7 0.8 1.3 1.2 5.2
Materials titanium titanium titanium stainless titanium titanium
Fixing Adhesion Adhesion Adhesion Adhesion Adhesion Adhesion
Cable HB-2C-002-FB HB-2C(012)-002-PH HB-2C(012)-002-PH HB-2C-002-FB HB-2C-002-PB HB-2C(012)-002-PH
Connector Φ0.6×2m miniature C29-103R C29-103R Φ1.0×2 mminiature CZ320 C29-103R
Multipurpose/High temperature Built-in amplifier
Model AEC-5032 AEC-50H AEC-122R PA51C SA12ZSC-TI
Features Multipurpose low cost High temperature type Insulation.waterproof Miniature.light weight Triaxial Miniature
Structure compression type compression type share type compression type compression type
Charge sensitivity[pC/m/s2] 5 5 10 5 10
Resonance frequency[kHz] 40 25 20 35 35
Operation frequency [kHz] 8 5 0.003 to 6 0.003 to 12 0.001 to 8
Electric capacitance [pF] 1000 1000
Maximum acceleration[m/s2] 16000 5000 350 500 400
Insulation resistance[MΩ] 10000 10000 10000 10000
Operating temperature[°C] -20 to 150 -20 to 250 -20 to 110 -20 to 110 -20 to 110
Weight[g] 32 35 55 19 11.1
Materials SUS SUS SUS SUS titanium
Fixing M6×1 M6×1 M6 × P1 M6 × P1 M5 × P0.8
Cable HB-2C-002-PB HB-2C-002-PB CX-010-AT HB-2C-002-PB orHB-2C-002-PA SA12ZSC-01B
Connector miniature(10-32) miniature(10-32) TNC miniature(10-32) DR-4S-4
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