• Dynamic strain measuring instrument is applied for quickly changing phenomena, and thus different from static strain measurement, the measured results cannot be read on an indicator. Usually, therefore, a strain amplifier or signal conditioner is used to amplify strain output, an A/D Converter and a PC are used to record and analyze the data.
  • Instrumentation amplifiers are connected to widely used several strain-gauge transducers such as load cells, pressure transducers etc. and enable us to monitor various physical quantities such as weight, force, pressure, displacement and torque. Besides they provide several output signals for control such as analog, comparator, BCD, RS-232C, and CC-Link.


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DPM-900 The DPM-900 Series is a Dynamic Strain Amplifier. The carrier-wave amplifier features highly accurate, excellent stable, and easy setting. Digital switch makes it easily to confirm the setting values even power off. DPM-911B: DC to 2.5 kHz

DPM-912B: DC to 5 kHz

DPM-913C: DC to 10 kHz

DPM-950 The DPM-950 Series is a Dynamic Strain Amplifier. The carrier-wave amplifier features strong against invert noise. Vertical bar meter is easy to check. DPM-951A:DC to 2 kHz

DPM-952A:DC to 5 kHz



The CDV-900A is a Signal Conditioner which features wide frequency response range from DC to 500 kHz, and excellent nonlinearity within ±0.01%FS. Easy operation, high sensitivity (Up to 10000 times), and fast response (DC to 500 kHz), long-distance testing (Up to 2 km). DC to 500 kHz

MCF-A The multi signal conditioner MCF-A is a portable amplifier. The MCF-A is able to build a high-performance conditioner system by mounting conditioner cards in the unit base. It is able to keep outputting the calibration values by using the CAL LOCK function. Power Supply:DC 10~30V
CDV-400B CDV-400B series is a multi-channel signal conditioner for measuring physical quantity such as strain, acceleration, load, voltage and frequency. Several conditioner cards are mounted to the unit base to
configure an optimum measurement system for any application. The system operates on DC power, also an AC adapter SA-6A is available as an option.
Power Supply:DC 11~30V
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      DA-710A The DA-710A is a highly accurate 2-channel isolated DC amplifier which satisfies requirements for high input impedance, high gain accuracy and stability. Since the channels are isolated from each other, the DA-710A can effectively be used for measurement if the 2 channels are connected to different signal sources. In addition, input-output isolation ensures excellent stability and outstandingly minimizes noise effects. DC to 10 kHz
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WGA-910A The WGA-910A is an instrumentation conditioner that employs a touchscreen. It is capable of monitoring pressure changes in press machine and press-fitting process by indicating the wave forms, and visually verifying changes in physical quantities such as the load, pressure and so on. For building into equipment
  WGA-680A The WGA-680A series are compact, moderately priced instrumentation amplifiers which enables direct reading of physical quantities such as loads due to high-speed sampling. Comparator, hold functions and D/A converted signal output are standard equipped. For building into equipment
  WGA-650B The WGA-650B instrumentation amplifiers enabling direct reading of physical quantities such as loads etc. in combination with a strain-gage transducer. All operations are performed with front-panel keys including high/low limit comparator keys. While all models in this series provide D/A converted signal output, models with additional digital output (BCD) are available. For building into equipment
    WGA-710C it is designed to measure load, pressure, torque and displacement. Using low noise amplifier is helpful to achieve stable measurement. It is easy to conduct setting and control for each function by using keys. Since all setting values are recorded in a nonvolatile memory, it still functions in case of power failure. However, no digital zero data is recorded when using external contact input. For building into equipment
      WGA-200A WGA-200A series signal amplifier is combined with strain-gauge transducers and suitable to measure load, pressure, torque and displacement.  High performance and moderate price
    WGA-120A This instrumentation amplifier that is suitable for measurement of load, pressure, torque or displacement in combination with a strain-gauge transducer. While available in a manual or auto balance version, it enables easy switchover of bridge excitation, sensitivity adjustment range, calibration value or frequency response by changing jumper connections. Carrier Type
  WGA-100B Available in 2 types: manual balance and auto balance, the WGA-100B is easily changed in the bridge excitation, sensitivity, calibration value and frequency response by changing jumper connection. Simultaneous output of voltage and current signals is possible, no need for switchover.
  WGA-101A Available in 2 types: manual balance and auto balance, the WGA-101A is easily changed in the bridge excitation, sensitivity, calibration value and frequency response by changing jumper connection. In addition, the WGA-101A provides simultaneous output of voltage and current signals and has the monitor terminals which facilitate monitoring voltage signals even after it is incorporated into equipment.
  WGI-400A The instrumentation amplifier providing basic functions required for measurement in combination with strain-gage transducers. The wide input range ensures usage without worrying about initial value of transducer. Furthermore, it provides new functions such as switchable relative value memory patterns and preset value-based level test.
WGI-470AS1 Capable of wide range of measurement and control tasks such as press load measurement utilizing high-speed digital peak-hold function, load measurement utilizing high resolution, etc


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CAB-E The generates equivalent strains to check strain measuring instruments. Strain level is set with STRAIN and RANGE dials in combination.

The CAB-E is compatible with remote sensing. No power supply is required.

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