Angle Sensor

Angle Sensor

  • Potentiometers are widely used in industry. They are mainly used for angle, displacement control and detection.


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CP-2FL It is CP-2FB(x)J series designed at lower cost. This series has two models with different shaft diameters to provide φ22mm, the positioning pin on the mounting surface, the metal sleeve bearing plane, the terminal side is easy to weld, adjust and cut. Φ22.3


It is based on CP-2F series common-mode resistance components to upgrade and change. This new series maintains the durability of CP-2F, and the price becomes lower than CP-2F series. Φ22.3
CP-2FABSJ This waterproof protection grade IP65, the flat shaft and threads on both sides provide easy installation of connecting rods, and achieve the effect of isolating dust and water. Φ28



For the multi-turn potentiometer, conductive plastic components and gears are provided in the aluminum die-cast housing. It is used to detect the steering angle and rudder angle, measure the length or stroke of the rope reel, and detect the angle of the rack and pinion. CP-2FxxSRB: 35×23×30



CPP-35/45/60 Has developed into Japan’s first precision conductive potentiometer angle sensor. This model usually has three diameters: CPP-35 series (Φ36.5mm), CPP-45 series (Φ45mm), CPP-60 series (Φ62mm). These products can have many special specifications, for example, within the range of electrical and mechanical angles, shaft shape, center tap, multi-connected, waterproof type and so on. Φ36.5/Φ45/Φ62
CP-45F High-precision and dual output type Φ45



Can be used in multi-turn devices. Electrical and mechanical characteristics are superior to other multi-turn potentiometers, especially in non-linearity, hysteresis, durability. This device has excellent repeatability, less than ±0.03% (including backlash). The transmission ratio is available at 10 rpm (standard), 24 rpm, 35 rpm and 100 rpm. 61×50×38
CPP-45BJ It is a new version of CPP-45, and its installation is compatible with CPP-45B settings, adjusted on both sides of the shaft. Φ45
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    CP-1Hx Ultra-thin models, suitable for small spaces with a thickness of only 4.4mm, wide-angle dual output (voltage ratio or PWM output), single output (3-wire), dual output (6-wire), two types of shafts (double-sided flat or D square) can be selected ). 14×18×4.4

QP-2H The diameter is Φ15mm, there are two types of uniaxial and biaxial, small size, temperature characteristics are better than CP-2UN series. Although the effective electrical stroke can reach 90°, the output range is wide (10-90% Vin), which can provide a high-resolution output signal for the control unit. The two ball bearings on the shaft realize stable and stable shaft rotation. Φ15
CP-2HB The diameter is Φ6mm, and the simple structural design reduces the cost. Used in industrial control rods and accelerators. 19.5×16
CP-20H It is a standard small size (Φ22), with excellent accuracy, high resistance external magnetic field, and long life. Φ22



Made with Hall-IC. Two different gear pitches are provided and through the integrated Hall-IC program, the effective angle can be from 4320° (12 revolutions) to 21600 degrees (60 revolutions). Because the non-contact design has excellent performance for high vibration, and the unique internal structure design provides a high resistance external magnetic field effect. The sturdy plastic shell has a good anti-static function and reduces costs. With IP67 rating. Can choose 2 installation methods: side-mounted = (standard) and front-mounted = (selected). 44×22×30
CP-3HABS It is a low-cost version of the QP-3HB sensor. It has the same flange mount as the QP-3HB series. Features high-resistance vibration and shock, higher ESD ratings, dual output signals, built-in return spring and AMP connector for direct connection of wires as standard settings. 26.5×20
QP-3HB Drip-proof, with single output and dual output (cross or parallel). 20×21
CP-30H The small non-contact Hall-IC angle sensor, accompanied by 2 large ball bearings, has the characteristics of high resistance of driving force and radial shaft load, low torque and long life. Φ28
CP-2HA This model has a wider angle and higher precision than CP-2FABSJ. The dustproof and waterproof grade is IP65, with 6-wire dual output fail-safe protection, and can provide phase output. Φ28
CP-xK This design meets the needs of various output signals. Φ36 aluminum die-casting shell, ball bearing and coaxial rubber sheathed flexible cable design, and provides a variety of specifications, there are two forms of Hall-IC and MR components. Φ36
  CP-45H It has a wide input voltage range and voltage ratio of the three output signals, voltage output, and current output for various applications. It has long life, high reliability, no electrical noise. Φ45


It is a combination type non-contact potentiometer, which is a CP-45H multi-turn gearbox type. 4 different gear pitches are available, 10, 24, 35 and 100 turns are available on request. 61×50×38

CP-16U Non-contact angle sensor using magnetoresistive resistance elements. The maximum current consumption is 0.6mA. Regardless of the operating temperature range, due to the low current consumption, the product can be integrated to 4-20mA. The 2-wire communication system has low torque, high durability and built-in temperature compensation circuit, and the output sensitivity has been greatly improved compared with the typical non-contact MR element angle sensor. Φ16
CP-2UN Made of magnetoresistive element (MR), the sliding noise is small, the response is fast, the torque is low and the life is long. This model is especially suitable for tension control and valve position control. Φ16
CP-2UKN-A Made of magnetoresistive element (MR), current output. Φ36
CP36U The TMR element is equipped with a microcomputer. You can use the Teach-in function (adjustment switch device), can easily set the output range through button operation and reduce the working time. Two types of ASW-U: including direct installation type and detachable type. Φ36
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74系列 Conductive resistance element using CP-2F angle sensor. Designed for damper oil viscosity vibration control. This series of products is suitable for the application of crane and aerial work platform control arm angle control. 80x50x60
WR系列 It is a pendulum-type single-axis inclinometer, which is designed for a wide range of inclination angles and measures from 90° to 360°. The non-contact design has a long service life and a stable output signal. □61×81

UV系列 UV-3HF is a pendulum buoy mechanical device with a miniature single and biaxial inclination, a unique mechanical device to achieve low hysteresis and high reliability. The UV-00H is a compact type, designed for a wide range of tilt angle measurement, with low hysteresis and high accuracy. Φ23×30□30×40
  PMP-SHT It is a unique mechanical device with uniaxial inclination and spring plate swing. It provides an inclination angle of ±5°~±30°, which is suitable for static and small angle sensing. Φ20×40

PMP-HTL Can be used outdoors. This series of products is a closed dumper oil vibration control. The X axis and Y axis can be used to set different electrical tilt angles, and it can also have only a single axis. 49×92×60
THD2000Z It has high performance and adopts MEMS technology, which makes the inclination of X and the accuracy of Y axis quite superior, and the volume is compact. There is no mechanical resonance point in the detection element, which is less affected by vibration and has high vibration resistance. φ40×10

ESC3000Z Using MEMS technology, it is a high-precision, high-function inclinometer that can measure the tilt angle even under vibration conditions and has stable temperature characteristics (0° position: ±0.5° (-30 to +85°C, 25°C reference). To obtain the best measurement, the digital filter has been installed in the sensor, and the frequency response can be freely selected from 16 stages, which can accurately measure the inclination angle even in the vibration environment. 70×90×23

ESC1000ZA Non-contact double inclination angle, using MEMS technology. Improve the performance of the previous series ESC1030Z, and provide a variety of effective electrical tilt angle ± 10 °, ± 20 °, ± 30 ° and ± 45 °. It has excellent performance in high vibration, and also has excellent temperature characteristics at high temperatures. 42×58×21
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