PX-01 Cube Onsite Control & Display Interface

PX-01 Cube Onsite Control & Display Interface

Cube is the new generation of earthquake terminal device. It features integration of regional (from national earthquake bureau) and onsite (from local sensors) warning outputs. Cube plays an important role in a hybrid EEW system in which warning messages are delivered via its touch screen,
built-in LED indicator, and speaker.
Cube supports integration with P-alert sensors by Modbus TCP/IP protocol; moreover, it now embeds Seedlink protocol, by which a 3rd party accelerograph, such as Etan 2 of Kinemetrics, Titan SAM of Nanometrics, CV-374 of Tokyo Sokushin, Smart24A of Geotech, or Fortimus of Guralp can connect to Cube to form an onsite early warning station.
Cube also features PX-01 functions of 2-out-of-3 voting algorithm, event data and log recording, data forwarding and FTP uploading, and relay controls for emergency shutdown… and etc.
With regional and onsite warning service, Cube is a comprehensive device in a hybrid earthquake monitoring system.

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SKU: Cube Visual & Voice Terminal Category:
  • On-site Early Warning

  • Regional Early Warning

  • IOT
    (Internet of things)

  • Earthquake Event Log

  • High-luminance 3-color LED indicator
  • Industrial-class large-size color touch interface
  • High-dB modular speaker with adjustable voice and alarm warnings
  • Supporting regional earthquake warning systems from national seismic bureaus as well as onsite warning of P-alert sensors
  • Compatible with Seedlink protocol for connecting to 3rd party accelerographs (Guralp, Kinemetrics, Nanometrics, Tokyo Sokushin, Geotech… and etc) for onsite early warning, earthquake monitoring, and event display
  • Display:Industrial-class 7” touch interface
  • High-dB Speaker:4Ω
  • Visual:3-color LED Indicator
  • Storage:16GB microSD Card (expandable)
  • RTC Accuracy:±60 sec/year, supporting NTP synchronization
  • Relay:4 sets
  • Power Consumption:12W@24VDC
  • Dimension (W x H x D):300 x 350 x 122 mm
  • Working Temperature:-20°C ~ +70°C
  • Relative Humidity:5 ~ 90% RH,no condensate
  • TEL:
    886-7-6229700 EXT.252 Mr. Reid Chen
  • E-mail:

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