Displacement Transducers

Displacement Transducers

  • KYOWA’s displacement transducers are designed to measure relative displacement and/or absolute displacement from a steady point of structures by converting detected displacement to voltage. They are available in rated capacities ranging from 2 mm to 5 m and in different conversion systems.
  • MIDORI’s contact linear potentiometer which applicated Conductive Plastic Resistive Element. And contactless linear sensor which applicated Hall Effect IC.
  • AEC’s displacement meter uses the eddy current effect between the measured metal conductor and the sensor to measure. Measure displacement, distance, position and vibration in a non-contact manner.
  • MTI Instruments offers high speed, high resolution and highly accurate laser displacement sensors (non-contact linear position sensor) for measuring displacement and position. Large variety of non contact displacement sensor line up including laser triangulation sensors provide operating distances to 300mm, measurement ranges to 200mm and measurement resolution to less than 1 micron.


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Picture Type Discription Rated Capacity
DTK-A The DTK-A is a small-sized displacement transducer for both tension and compression measurement. A measuring scale provided. 30, 50mm
DTS-A For both tension and compression measurement.  Reduce creep and High frequency response (DC to 50 Hz when the tip is fixed) 100mm
DTT-A For both tension and compression measurement. Reduce creep and High frequency response (DC to 50 Hz when the tip is fixed) 100mm
DTH-A The DTH-A is a high accuracy, compact & lightweight displacement transducer. Temperature effect on zero within ±0.01%RO per ºC 5~100mm
DTJ-A-200  For both tension and compression measurement. It can measure up to 200 mm displacement. High output 5 mV/V and Temperature effect on zero within ±0.02% RO per ºC. 200mm
DT-A For both tension and compression measurement. It has a dial for reading measured displacement directly, easy installation, handling & maintenance, can connectable to strain amplifier for measurement. 50, 100mm
DT-D Easy installation, handling & maintenance, with dial enables to visual measured displacement. 10, 20, 30, 50mm
DLT-AS/BS The DLT-AS is an inductance-type displacement transducer with less friction and small measuring force. Complete shielding against magnetism makes the transducers hard to receive external electric effects.The DLT-BS is a water-proof displacement transducer(IEC 60529). ±5~±500mm

DTPA-A Is a potentiometer-type displacement transducer. It converts expansion or contraction of a sensing wire to electric signal by a built-in potentiometer. New wire-winding mechanism and Hardly kinking wire, easy installation. 500, 1000, 2000, 5000mm

DTC-A Is a clip-type displacement transducer for measuring crack opening displacement of varous materials. 2, 5mm


Picture Type Discription Elect. Travel
                                       LP-xxF/xxFB Using aluminum die casting.


LP-FB:w/Retun Spring

10, 20, 50mm
  LP-FBS Built-in Water-proof connector, w/Retun Spring 10, 20mm
  LP-FP Miniature, LP-FP Ø 12mm and LP-30FQ Ø 8mm (Ø8X63mm) can be installed in a small space. 20, 30, 50mm
  LP-FJ/FJS Dustproof and waterproof type, the shell is the same as the LP-F series with a diameter of 22mm, but has a stronger and larger shaft diameter of 6mm and a 3-core cable(0.5mm2x250mm)。 50~300mm
      CPP-45-LS It is a cable pot sensor, with planetary gears, pulleys, and return springs on the CPP-45. It is not necessary to have a certain installation space like a typical linear displacement meter. The return spring prevents the cable from slack. 610, 1640, 2235mm
      LP-10HA It is designed for contact Hall-IC linear displacement gauge with 10mm effective electric stroke measurement, built-in return spring, and used the plastic casing (PBT) to reach a reasonable cost. 10mm
Picture Type Discription Measuring range

PU series This series of sensors can be embedded in a very small and narrow space to measure or monitor movements such as displacement, rotation and return. Suitable for vacuum and waterproof type,  operating temperature range wide.

*Suitable for AEC-55 series amplifier

0~0.15mm, 0~16mm
DPU series High temperature resistance type max:120°C
Acceptable for orders such as pressure, vacuum and water resistance type.*Suitable for AEC-37 series amplifier
0~5mm, 0~50mm
PF series The sensor is not influenced by surrounding metals due to shielded type. Thermal drift decreases about a half of our conventional model.
Stable linearity is accomplished even though the dimension of sensitive area is the same size of the target.*Suitable for CFC series amplifier
0~0.5mm , 0~1.0mm

ML series The amplifier is built into the GAP-SENSOR, allowing the user immediate use after the power supply is turned on. While the output varies depending on the input voltage (see the reference data below), the output voltage that is proportional to the displacement measured in the order of micron can be obtained.
The built-in amplifier design can extend the cable up to 100m. And this GAP-SENSOR, when used with a slip ring, can be used as a noisefree system.
S series Acceptable for special size as well as 55 series, 1 to 5V/FS in combination with 7606 Converter.

*Suitable for AEC-76 series amplifier

0~2.4mm , 0~4mm


Picture Type Discription Measuring range



The Microtrak™ 4 is the ultimate laser displacement sensor for measuring height, thickness, displacement, vibration, and more, with a sensor frame rate of 40k Samples/sec. and linearity of 0.03% FSO (Full Scale Output) accuracy and repeatability are assured 2~200mm



 The Microtrak™ 3 is an essential measurement tool for process automation, quality control and tool automation control, for applications such as, thickness measurement, dimensional displacement, part profiling, vibrations testing, build-up measurement, and much more. 2~200mm


ProfileTrak G

The ProfileTrak G series are compact profiling sensors that fit in tight spaces. These 2D/3D sensors provide accurate profiling, height, width and positioning measurement using the latest CMOS technology with fast measuring rate of up to 4,000 Hz. 36~400mm


ProTrak HD


The ProTrak HD long range profiling laser displacement sensor is built to satisfy the most demanding automated dimension, angle, curvature and height in the industrial application. At a fast speed of 6,000 frames per second and up to 2.5µm resolution, it also has measuring of up to 800 mm. 60~800mm



The MTI-2100 features advanced fiber-optic non-contact sensor using reflectance electronic technologies for precise measurements of displacement, active vibration control, position, and distance for dynamic measurement in cryogenic, vacuum | high pressure, or in a high magnetic field or harsh environment. Resolution:

0.01 µin.






Sensitive fiber optic measurement sensors for nanomotion and vibration measure dynamic edge position, displacement, and vibration at frequencies up to 500 kHz. The unique fiber optic probe design can accommodate a wide range of target reflectivity or shape, making it ideal for wide variety of applications. Frequency Response:



Capacitance System


System 9000

The Accumeasure 9000 Analog Capacitance System is a cost-effective solution for single and dual channel applications such as thickness measurements and dual axis motion stages feedback control. Min Range:

25µm/ 1mil


capacitance probes.


MTI offers probes for grounded targets using single-ended probes and for ungrounded or poorly grounded targets using push/pull probes. Cable and Probe Temperature Rating:



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