PX-01 Main Control Unit

PX-01 Main Control Unit

PX-01 is a multi-functional data acquisition system for P-alert series. This MCU serves as an automation controller / data logger, which features data logging, three relays control, voice output, and scrolling text integration. PX-01 has build-in triggers for earthquake events. For example, when a user sets intensity 5 earthquake as a trigger threshold, PX-01 is able to light up warning signal, send out emergency voice alarm, shutdown power …and etc.

Furthermore, PX-01 is able to provide “Regional Earthquake Early Warning Messages”. By connecting PX-01 to the Internet, it would automatically connect to a user’s EEW server. Once earthquakes occur, the server would broadcast the warning message and information to each PX-01. Then PX-01 is capable of using this information and applying to any automatic emergency system, such as power and gas value shutdowns. If PX-01 is connected to voice broadcasting system, it is able to send emergency voice alert to the users or public. This would help to reduce secondary disasters such as fire and panic when an earthquake occurs.

In addition, PX-01 is a data logger for earthquake events. It equips with removable 16GB SD card (standard) which can record more than 10,000 events (waveforms, pre-event: 20 sec. & post-event: 20sec., standard)

Lead Time:1 week
MOQ:1 unit

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  • On-site Early Warning

  • Regional Early Warning

  • IOT
    (Internet of Things)

  • Earthquake Event Log

  • Support ModbusTCP Protocol
  • Support Scrolling Text Protocol
  • Support NTP Server And Client
  • Three Output Relays
  • Early Earthquake Warning Voice Broadcast System
  • Data Logger for Earthquake Events
  • Automatic Safe Shutdown While Power Failure
  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Integrating Supported
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor Integrating Supported
  • CPU:ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz
  • Storage:16GB microSD Card (expandable)
  • Network Module:10/100Base-TX Ethernet Controller
  • Built-in Watch Dog:10s
  • Function Button:Quick commands for checking system information or activating designated tasks
  • LCD Display:2 lines x 20 characters
  • RTC Accuracy:±60 sec/year, supporting NTP synchronization
  • Relay:4 sets
  • Power Consumption:4W@110VAC
  • Working Temperature:0°C ~ +75°C
  • TEL:
    886-7-6229700 EXT.252 Mr. Reid Chen
  • E-mail:

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