Torque Transducers

Torque Transducers

  • Torque transducers convert torsion (surface shearing stress) corresponding to a torque of the shaft to an electric quantity (voltage), and then output signals through slip ring, brush, rotary transformer and photo transmittance. They ensure accurate and easy measurement of the torque transmitted from the target object under conditions of standstill to high-speed rotation.


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Picture Type Description Rated Capacity
TP-D To obtain a large output voltage with a low torque, a unique cantilever system has been adopted for the detection mechanism. The TP-D is a slip-ring type torque transducer for measuring small torque. It is easy to install. 0.2~2N・m
TP-E The TP-E is a slip-ring type torque transducer for measuring small torque. It is the stationary type with mounting legs. 0.2~2N・m
TP-M TP-M series high-speed torque transducers allow torque to be measured at a maximum 15000 rpm, and are available with a rated capacity ranging from 0.2 to 5 N・m. An overload prevention stopper avoids large torque generated in motor startup, etc. 0.2~5N・m
TPS-A The TPS-A is a compact & lightweight torque transducer with buit-in amplifier. Easy maitenance due to noncontact transmission. ±0.1N・m~±5kN・m
TPH-A TPH-A torque transducers allow torque to be measured up to 10000 rpm. The main feature of these transducers is high rigidity and an equipped flexible coupling. The unique design with no contact parts such as slip rings, ensures safe use even for long-term measurement of an object rotating at high speeds. The model allow torque and rotating speed to be measured synchronously. ±500Nm~±50kN・m
TPR-S-10KNMSA48 The TPR-S is a compact non-rotary type torque transducer. It is a hollowed structure and easily install with bolts on the flange. ±10kN・m



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