Tri-axial Digital Accelerometer AC-217 / AC-220

Tri-axial Digital Accelerometer AC-217 / AC-220

AC-217/AC-220 (SD300/QD332) is a tri-axial MEMS digital accelerometer (QD332 is equipped with quartz sensor) designed for structural health diagnostics (SHD) and vibration monitoring. Its IP67 waterproof protection allows it to be deployed indoors or outdoors.

With advanced CPU capability, AC-217/AC-220 is superior in processing Realtime Data Stream. Multiple AC-217/AC-220 can be connected to PX-01/PX-02/PX-01 Cube, a multichannel data logger for real time data recording and processing.

By the built-in algorithms, the system is able to provide first-hand structural stiffness values for evaluating the safety of structures after earthquakes.

The configuration of AC-217/AC-220 is accessible through its web interface. The user friendly and plug-n-play features make AC217/AC-220 a flexible digital accelerometer in elevating business risk management, reducing factory damages by automated cutoff, protecting employees or machines on the production lines, creating fast earthquake responses at public areas, or giving quick damage assessment on residential buildings.

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  • On-site Early Warning

  • Regional Early Warning

  • Onsite warning ability when being Integrated with PX-01 Cube
  • Supporting Ethernet PoE (power over Ethernet) for plug-n-play
  • NTP client available for time synchronization
  • Easy access by built-in Web GUI (graphic user interface)
  • Applying SanDAS software for data analysis
  • Sensor:Tri-axial MEMES accelerometer
  • Measurement Range:±2G、±4G (factory configured)
  • Dynamic:104 dB (AC-217) / 138 dB (AC-220)
  • Self-noise:25μg/√Hz (AC-217) / 0.5μg/√Hz (AC-220)
  • ADC Resolution:24 bits
  • Sampling Rate:100sps、200sps、500sps、1000sps
  • Shock Proof:5000 G (0.1 ms, AC-217) / 1000G (0.2 ms, AC-220)
  • Temp. Drift:0.15 mg/°C (AC-217) / 0.1 mg/°C (AC-220), dynamic offset with PX logger
  • Communication:RJ-45 PoE
  • LED Display:Power、Status、Link
  • Mount Mode:Horizontal or vertical (adjustable with PX 01)
  • System Configuration:Via web interface
  • Time Synchronization:NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Reset button for default setting
  • Working Temperature:-20°C ~ +70°C
  • Relative Humidity:5 ~ 90% RH, non-condensed
  • Dimension (L x W x H):137 x 75 x 55 (mm)
  • Weight:550 g (AC-217) / 660 g (AC-220)
  • Power Supply:PoE (Power over Ethernet, 12 VDC)
  • Power Consumption:≦1 Watt
  • Waterproof:IP67



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