• Monitoring of seismic activities
  • Monitoring of blast events
  • Monitoring of construction site vibration
  • Monitoring of heavy transportation
  • Structure Health Monitoring
  • Earthquake Early Warning

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  • Acceleration and Velocity Outputs

  • Total Solution for Seismic Activity

  • SD Card Storage

  • All-in-One Design

VMS (Vibration Monitoring System) is the next generation instrumentation for vibration monitoring due to its computing algorithms and electronics architecture.
VMS is an “all-in-one-design” device. It contains one 24-bit digitizer, MEMS sensors, Geophones, SHM (Structure Health Monitoring) and EEWS (Earthquake Early Warning System,) algorithms.
In addition, VMS has 6-channel outputs (3 axis in acceleration and 3 axis in velocity) with precision time synchronization.
Users may analyze a set of vibration data with acceleration and velocity at the same time.
Moreover, with SHM and EEWS algorithms built-in, VMS is capable of calculating parameters on-site.
This enhances faster data processing. By built-in many breakthrough features, VMS offers a total solution for vibration monitoring.

  • Sensor:4 MEMS tri-axial accelerometers and 3 Geophones
  • Output:Acceleration and Velocity, 6 channels
  • MEMS Spec
    • Accuracy:X、Y axis ±2%, Z axis ±3%
    • Sensitivity:0.1~1960 gal or ±2g
    • Range:19.6 m/s2 to -19.6 m/s2 (E-W and N-S), 9.8 m/s2 to -29.4 m/s2 (U-D)
    • Dynamic Range:114 dB (250 sps) or 108 dB (50 sps)
  • Geophone Spec
    • Case to Coil Motion:4 mmpp
    • Moving Mass:11.0 ±0.1 gram
    • Frequency Range:0 to 500 Hz
    • Sensitivity:>25 Vm/s
    • Spurious Frequencies:>240 Hz
    • Allowed Tilt Angle:<10
    • Dynamic Range:130dB
  • Sampling Rate:100 to 1000 Hz Dynamic 24 bit
  • Memory:8 GB (May adjust to 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB)
  • Algorithm:Pd、PGA、Displacement、STA/LTA
  • Communication:Modbus TCP and RTU
  • Power Consumption:1W Operating
  • Temperature:-10~60°C
  • Time Synch :NTP and GPS Waterproof IP 67
  • Battery:Lithium Polymer 11.1 V/6 Ah/66.6 Wh
  • Dimension:180(L) x 160(W) x 75(H) mm
  • Standard:DIN and ISEE
  • TEL:
    886-7-6229700 EXT.252 Mr. Reid Chen
  • E-mail:



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