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Sanlien Calibration Laboratory

Sanlian Instrument Inspection and Calibration Center is a TAF certified inspection center. The Calibration Center provides reliable and timely services.

  1.  In compliance with the requirement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Trade Barrier Agreement (TBT); while integrating domestic resources and follow international trends; The National Accreditation Foundation (TAF) completed its legal registration on September 17,1992 through the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Ministry of Economic Affairs then issue letter No. 09202617610 to transfer CNAB to TAF.
  2.  After the establishment of TAF, CNLA and CNAB were renamed to TAF and approved by international accreditation organization to continue maintain mutual agreements. Since there were thousands of CNLA laboratories; the conversion to TAF began on March 2004 and scheduled to complete within three years.
  3.  In summary, “Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation” (CNLA) is equivalent to “Taiwan Accreditation Foundation”.

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Force Calibration Laboratory

Complete service& calibration of instruments and international standards of weight& measures. TAF certified and computerized.
TAF Certified: Vibration Calibration Laboratory (0307)、Force Calibration Laboratory (2749)

Length Vibration Calibration laboratory
Force Calibration Laboratory

Length Vibration Calibration laboratory

Utilized of precision index dial and vertical/horizontal platform vibrator for variety of inclinometer, low frequency accelerometer, and seismograph calibration.

Deadweight Testing Machine

Utilizing of both deadweight testing machine and build-up force standard machine and with professional technicians; it provides the most reliable and objective reports and services.

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Calibration Items Contact Person Location Address Tel. Fax
Length、Vibration Veren Lo Xindian 3F., No.190, Sec. 2, Zhongxing Rd., New Taipei City (02) 8665-9813#303 (02) 8665-9814
Force Eric Cheng Xindian 3F., No.190, Sec. 2, Zhongxing Rd., New Taipei City (02) 8665-9813#405 (02) 8665-9814
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