Core Business

Industrial Automation Business Unit

1. Integration Service

System Automation integration for factory, offices, and residential

2. Industrial Automation Instruments
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Programmable Automation Controller
  • Wireless Telecommunication Equipment
  • Motion Control
  • Precision Machinery
3. System Automation Integration Service
  • Borehole seismographs
  • Ocean-Bottom seismographs
  • Earthquake P-wave Sensor
  • Early Earthquake Warning System
  • Micro Displacement Sensor
  • High Precision Gyroscope
  • Satellite Phone
  • Visual Recognition System
4. System Automation Integration Service
  • Crystal Growth Furnace Control System
  • Energy Control System
  • Die Bonder Machine
  • Sonic Wave Semiconductor Crystal Wafer Cleaning Equipment
  • Grinding Machine
  • Flowmeter
  • Various Semiconductor Consumables

Measurement Business Unit

Measurement Business Unit- Taiwan
  • Set-up of automatic monitored control system
  • Strain Gauge, Various sensors, Transducer, Amplifier, Recorder, and Recording Paper
  • Provide monitoring service for static, dynamic, stress/tension, vibration, and noise.
  • Design of data acquistion and testing (Data recorder, PC-based)
  • PCB Tester
  •  locomotive and track inspection equipment
  • Power quality monitoring
Measurement Business Unit- China
  • Various of sensors, Transducer, Amplifier, and Recorder
  • Monitoring service for static, Dynamic, stress/tension, Vibration, and Locomotive/Railway track.
  • Capacitor, Laser, fiber optical, real-time image inspection
  • Various opteolectronics, encoder, potentiometer, angle meter, plotter, and cutter service
  • Wire bonder sales and maintenance service
  • Cutting Machine and Application
  • Accelerometer and Seismograph switch
  • Testing Equipment for aviation industry
  • Welding Equipment for electronic industry
  • Automatic coil winding machine

Geotecnical Business Unit

Geotecnical Business Unit
  • Public construction, civil engineering monitoring equipment
  • Early Warning of Natural Disaster
  • Monitoring of bridge and aging structure
  • Monitoring of slope stability
  • Deep foundation excavation monitoring
  • Pile loading testing and ultrasonic inspection of concrete
  • Civil engineering monitoring equipment import and export
  •  Operation maintenance- bridge, reservoirs, MRT, and high speed rail
  • Main applications: LNG Tanks, oil reservoir, brideges, track inspection, MRT and underground sections, deep foundation excavations, and reservoir dam

Calibration Division

TAF Certified
  • Length Vibration Calibration laboratory
  • Force Calibration Laboratory
  • Cooperation (SGS,ETC,NML)

BI Business Unit

  • Paper cutting applications
  • Garment cutting
  • Packaging, labeling, and sandblasting application
  • Roll scanner
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