Smart City & IoT Monitoring

Environment Monitoring in Smart City Development ‒ In order to provide effective smart services, a smart city must balance requirements and utilize resources to meet those requirements. As calamities occur more frequently around the world in recent years, disaster prevention IoT and homeland monitoring have become key objectives in infrastructure systems of cities around the world.

Sanlien Technology has been stepping up the information capabilities (analytics, connectivity) of its environment monitoring devices to create comprehensive and
intelligent environment monitoring and early warning systems.

IOT-Based Real Time Disaster Prevention System for Communities

Sanlien Technology optimizes environment monitoring performances by installation of IoT.


Global Trends in Environment Monitoring

Earthquakes and man-made vibration are two main types of environmental vibration. Countries that are in seismic zones and developing countries with numerous construction projects can all benefit from environment monitoring solutions.

Reservoirs and Dam

Industrial Areas

Bridges and Overpasses


Public Areas

Office and Residential Buildings

Our Footprint Around the World

Optimal Solutions for the Customer
  • Product development and real- time environment monitoring software , resulting this in trun enables customers to eliminate potential hazards early on and increase the response time after early warnings.
  • With project model focused on integration of design and construction as well as management of interface between activities.
  • project developments were carried out with expertise, or integrated engineering services were developed for accumulative competition advantages.

Advantages of Environment Monitoring ‒ Micro Vibration Series

Comprehensive Digital Analysis

Compatible with international standards, user-friendly, easy to operate and analyze.

Real-Time Cloud Monitoring

Real-time cloud monitoring system:
Web management system (WMS) cloud monitoring.

Customized Solutions

Multi-purpose and highly integrated to enable customized solutions.

All-in-one Plug-and-play Solution

Aesthetic and Solid: Solid structure.

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