About Sanlien

Our Story

Since its establishment in 1967, Sanlien has transformed from the manufacture of Switchboard and sales of instruments in the early stage to a system integrator of industrial instruments that serves the rapidly changing international markets.
With more than 1000 local and international customers, Sanlien is trusted by global customers with high standards. By working with renowned agents around the world, we ensure optimal performance and reliability of our services.

With 50 years’profound experience in Taiwan, Sanlien to become the most exceptional provider measuring technologies in the Asia-Pacific region, Sanlien has conceptualized the idea of being a glocal partner (global+local) into a three-in-one strategy : long-term deployment of globalization, integration of local resources, and localized operations ; we shall march on step by step with the stamina for running a marathon.

Most Outstanding Measurement Services in the Asia-Pacific Region

50 years profound experience in Taiwan, dedication to R&D and innovation, the no. 1 brand in environment monitoring, micro vibration detection technologies and system integration services.

Compliant with International Vibration Standards and Specifications

Sanlien’s Seismograph and Vibration Measuring products follow international vibration standards.
Our products are designed by R&D to comply with different specifications in different territories around the world, to offer the most effective vibration measuring and monitoring solutions.

Optimal Solutions for the Customer

Since its establishment in 1967, Sanlien has served customers in over 50 countries, with tens of thousands of successful vibration monitoring cases.This wealth of experience,  innovations, reliance and support are the key to win global customers.

Our Mission

Be the Witness of Technology

Be the Historian of Industry

Our Corporate Philosophy

We provide professional equipment and integration services. We are No.1 brand in measuring services in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Help mankind monitor their natural and working environments

Become the most excellent monitoring service providers in the

Speedy Service with Sincerity

The Quest of Three Giants - Providing Monitoring Services for Global Environments and Structures

OSMOS Group and Sanlien jointly acquired 100% of the shares of SIAP + Micros of Italy in 2018 and to jointly provide infrastructure monitoring solutions all over the world, and be a major provider of integrated monitoring solutions.
Sanlien, a leader in environment safety monitoring in the Asia-Pacific Region, provides integrated monitoring services for both domestic and overseas infrastructures and geotectonic realms. Sanlien also successfully implemented an Earthquake Early Warning System for the Himalayas.
Established in France, and a subsidiary company of the EREN Group, OSMOS is the largest structure security company in the world, providing monitoring services for over 2000 buildings including the Eiffel Tower.
SIAP+MICROS is a leading Italian brand of weather, hydrology and environmental monitoring instruments, which provides assistance in meteorology and hydrology monitoring services to the Italian Meteorological Service and member states of UN and NATO.

Our Advantages

Sanlien Technology is committed to make environments safe for humans.
Hence we insist on continuous R&D, perfecting our manufacture of monitoring systems, and expanding into Smart City and IoT monitoring solutions.

Global Footprint ‒
Expanding into International Markets

Provide monitoring solutions to earthquake-prone countries that are heavily investing in constructions.

Provide Optimal Solutions for Global Customers

Product development and real- time environment monitoring software increased significantly in 2015, resulting this in turn enables customers to eliminate potential hazards early on and increase the response time after early warnings.
With project model focused on integration of design and construction as well as management of interface between activities, project developments were carried out with expertise, or integrated engineering services were developed for accumulative competition advantages.

International Exchanges ‒
Hosting Seminars at Home and Abroad

As a leading brand in environment monitoring in the Asia-Pacific Region, Sanlien Technology hosted seminars and technical forums, where renowned international experts and scholars would share their expertise and views.
These events also helped our customers grow their business in a sustainable manner and demonstrated the value and reliability of our service offering.

We Developed the First-Ever Taiwan Made Earthquake Early Warning System

Dedicated to environment monitoring for 50 years, Sanlien Technology conducts joint research with National Taiwan University and National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, which has resulted in the development and launch of the first-ever Taiwan-made Earthquake Early Warning System that meet Internationl standards.

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