Sanlien Technology 50th anniversary


With 50 years’ profound experience in Taiwan, Sanlien has been dedicated to provide environment monitoring, micro vibration monitoring technologies, and system integration services. Since the 921 Chi Chi Earthquake, Sanlien have fully devoted into development of seismograph; and have leap Taiwan’s seismic technology on par with other countries such as Japan. Sanlien have invited both of our international partners and local partners to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Since the establishment in 1967, Sanlien has transformed itself from the manufacture of switchboard and sales of instruments in the early stage to system integrator of industrial instruments in order to meet the rapid developments of international markets. Sanlien provides professional equipment and services to both domestic and international enterprises. Aiming to improve the quality and safety of human living environment, Sanlien have not only expanding our international partners but also exchange of know-how with our partners. “Business Continuity” is essential for Sanlien; and Sanlien is looking forward to serve the human society for many more 50th years.

Sanlien will continuously invest in environmental monitoring and promote IoT real-time monitoring. Sanlien have implemented well over 600 earthquake around campuses in Taiwan; meanwhile, Sanlien also assisted other countries such as India, China, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, and United States to develop early earthquake warning systems.

For the 50th anniversary, Sanlien have special order “50th anniversary Kaoliang Liquor”; in which the homophony of “liang” and “gracious” delivers message to everyone that “Before given grace, be gracious”.

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